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WaveFeng Help You Prevent Modern Threat

Thousands of drone attack happening in airports, events, private property, mine, nuclear power plants and other facilities. We are making different.

ALL-in-one Detection + Defense System

Protable 14 Kg, 5 KM control range

Automatic mode Automatic strike on drones

Introduing the new W30

popular product

Best Seller - W30

  • Features:
  • · All-in-one Anti UAV System
  • · Locate drone and pliot
  • · Provide angle, distance, drone model info etc.
  • · Control range 5KM
  • · Interferencce resistance enhanced
  • 900-930MHz, 1559-1610MHz, 2400-2485 MHz, 5725-5850MHz, etc.,
  • Weight:
  • 14.1 Kg
  • Size:
  • 401x565 mm
  • Bandwidth:
  • 160MHz
  • Max Unit to process:
  • 10

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