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About us

Radio Technology Innovator

Who is WaveFeng ?

WaveFeng is a national innovative company that provide radio technology solution. With the high-end research and development team, implementing device and system for our clients. WaveFeng is 1st who rise the concept of 'Smart Radio' and working on it. Government and miltary delivery is been created upon this superb concept. Now we are walking out of lab and open to the market competition and product evolution, creating value and suitable deliveries for our clients.

How it works ?

UAV control is becoming a big topic and security concerns, Anti-UAV is the initial place that people realize the value of 'Smart Radio'. There are 4 major way to detect the UAV device, 1) Spectrum 2) Decoding 3) Visual 4) Sound Reg.. The spectrum identification is a very hard technique. Even with strong processor and hardware, still rely on optimized algorithm to make it isolate the signal from drone precisely. Only a few company able to do it. The major usage is miltary.

Radio Tech is complicated, since WWI and WWII, thousands of scientists investing their life in this field. Radio Tech demonstrated its stratigical value and powerful utilizations to the world. Our scientist team already has more than 10 years experience in the industry, this is the reason why we are capable to make outstanding products.

What can we do for you ?

We are the Smart-Radio-Tech innovator and builder. We provide Anti-UAV solution for military, police and events. Force landing, drive away or over taken the drones appeared on your property unexpectedly. Customised radio technology solutions available for large scale clients. Our product using the superb algorithm to achieve the premium detection quality, advanced faculty-elimination technique compare with similar products.

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